Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Upcoming albums from Craig Finn - Jim Keaveny - Sam Baker

Here are yet another three, brand new and upcoming albums worthy of anyone's end of year list and it's still only April...

Craig Finn - 'We All Want The Same Things' (Partisan Records)
Jim Keaveny - 'Put It Together' (self-release June 9)
Sam Baker - 'Land Of Doubt' (self-release June 16)

If this is the high quality of art that is produced in such confused and difficult times then 'bring on armageddon' I say!



Friday, March 24, 2017

Chip Taylor - 'Whisper Amen'

Here at Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM we are loving the upcoming new album from Chip Taylor... This track 'Whisper Amen' closes the album perfectly and contains some beautiful pump organ as played by Chip's Norwegian collaborator and producer of late Goran Grini...

'A Song I Can Live With' will be released by Train Wreck Records 5 May 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Nightjar - 'Wardrobe'.

On this past week's radio show we played the new single 'Wardrobe' from The Nightjar, progressive lo-fi Post-Folkers from Bristol.

They now have a gorgeously intriguing video to go with the song filmed by band member Pete Thomas on a CCTV camera no less - Really lovely stuff!

'Originally conceived as a close-harmony vocal trio, a collaboration with South London producer Kams brought them to the attention of Boiler Room’s Joe Muggs. The ensuing Boiler Room debut went viral, and brought their 2015 ‘The Nightjar’ EP plaudits from nearly 70,000 underground music fans, as well as the accolade of airplay on Radio 3’s Late Junction.

A successful crowd-funding campaign convinced them of the existence of an audience for their dream-like, ethereal songs of hope, loss and disaster and, in the autumn of 2015, The Nightjar relocated to a farmhouse in rural Portugal to begin their first full-length offering.

Drawing influence from the lo-fi wooze of Grouper, the stark and poignant balladry of Diane Cluck and the deft compositions of Colleen, The Nightjar use close-harmonies, tight-interlocking guitars, deep bass and an intense lead vocal to paint fragile, haunting landscapes.'

We hope to get the band in for a live session very soon and can't wait for the release of their upcoming long player 'Objects'.

In the meantime you can catch them at The Jazz Cafe this coming Tuesday 24th Jan 2017...

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bonanza & Son DJ set - Aces & Eights London

Bonanza & Son DJ set
upstairs at Aces & Eights - NW5

'Playing a myriad of music
from the dustiest red dirt reality
right out into the most spaced-out Cosmos'...
Hard rock soft rock mor aor country rock garage rock punk rock post rock rock n roll

10pm-2:30am - £3

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Levi Cuss - 'Night Thief'.

Here at Bonanza & Son HQ we are very much enjoying the upcoming long player from Levi Cuss - A real rootsy groover with exquisite vintage tones but always with a contemporary pertinence from a man whom the term 'real deal' may well have been invented - No stranger to drink, drugs, crime and even doing time!

'Night Thief' is an album that picks you up off of the dusty red dirt and less than an hour later drops you off somewhere far far away in the cosmos!

A 'Hen House' Nashville recorded album beautifully produced by Steve Dawson.

Expect to hear it on Bonanza & Son on Resonance 104.4fm next Wednesday 18 January at 4:30pm (UK time)

'Night Thief' is released 10 March 2017.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

One of our songs of the year:

David Crosby - 'By The Light Of Common Day'

Taken from Crosby's recently released 'Lighthouse' LP...
The song features jazz vocalist and frequent Snarky Puppy collaborator Becca Stevens whose vocal affects the song dramatically... Stevens also wrote the music. The song also features the vocal talents of Michelle Willis and Michael League.
I reckon this album hasn't gotten the acclaim or attention it deserves - It's a record that needs to be lived with and eventually yields its splendour and beauty to the attentive and loyal listener...

Another masterpiece from the master.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Latest Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM

Special Cosmic-Country & Space-Gospel US Presidential Election Mix
featuring Waylon Jennings, David Crosby, Bob Weir, Paul Cauthen, Henry Senior Jr, Jonny Fritz, Johnny Dowd, Drive-By Truckers, James McMurtry and many more... Just click the MIXCLOUD LINK BELOW

Is this the best album of 2016?

Paul Cauthen - ‘My Gospel’

This is a pounding, stomping, twanging genuinely outlaw masterpiece of an album - But for every ounce of twang, spit, grit, mud, blood and beer there are equal, three-finger-whiskey measures of heartfelt Country Soul, blissed-out Space Gospel and truly cosmic American music - none of that cringeworthy cod Country Psych’ or tagged on rubberized Soul here just rousing, punch-the-air choruses, inspired instrumentation and exquisite arrangements.

Paul cut his teeth, tonsils and chops with his more than worthy predecessors Sons Of Fathers but he’s truly found his voice on his debut solo and that voice is one hell of a hefty baritone reminiscent of some of the greats such as Waylon, The Big O and even Elvis comes to mind at times but Cauthen is always his own man.

To go with this incredible voice there’s some truly great songwriting with the spirit of Mickey Newbury and Steve Young approvingly watching over proceedings but again always with Cauthen’s own take and feel - Plenty of variety here too and yet paradoxically without veering or steering too far from the straight and narrow - Call it Gospel, call it Country, call it Americana & Roots if you have to but be in no doubt this is the real deal.

If there’s a better album released in 2016 Bonanza & Son are yet to hear it.
Bonanza & Son on ResonanceFM